Tarleton Statement on Wyman’s Failure to Condemn Trump’s Violent Tactics on Peaceful Protestors

State Representative Gael Tarleton, D-Seattle, released a statement in response to Secretary of State Kim Wyman’s failure to condemn President Trump’s violent response to protestors outside the White House demanding justice for George Floyd and protesting police brutality: 

“As a former Defense Intelligence Agency analyst, I never imagined I would see this nation’s military forces used against its own people. When the President attacks American citizens for exercising their Constitutional rights, he is attacking democracy itself. Kim Wyman’s silence in the wake of his actions demonstrates she is either incapable of standing up to members of her own party or believes Trump’s brutish use of force was appropriate. As a Republican Secretary of State, it’s your job not only to administer elections, but also to defend democracy from Donald Trump’s attacks.”


Press Release
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