ICYMI: SOS Kim Wyman Participated in Secret, Republican-Only Meetings Organized by Discredited Heritage Foundation Lawyer

Seattle, WA—According to a recent report by ProPublica, Washington’s chief elections officer was among the Republican Secretaries of State who has participated in secret, Republican-only meetings organized by Hans von Spakovsky dating back to February 2019. Public disclosure requests for Wyman’s official calendar from that period confirm her attendance at the meeting.

A lawyer for the Heritage Foundation, von Spakovsky’s work alleging to prove the existence of voter fraud has been widely discredited and he has even testified in court that his work has not been subject to peer review. The judge overseeing that case dismissed his testimony entirely, saying it included “false assertions.”

These revelations come as Wyman has fallen under scrutiny for misleading voters about her partisan activities in other states’ elections until she admitted at a recent debate that she does “play” in national elections. This recent report demonstrates that Wyman participated in a nationwide attempt by Republican special interest groups and Trump administration officials to sow doubt about nonexistent voter fraud.

As recently as August, one of Wyman’s employees at the Secretary of State’s office—who are supposed to remain independent from partisan activity—attended a Heritage Foundation virtual event where a former colleague of von Spakovsky held herself out as the Department of Homeland Security’s new “liaison to the election community” just a day after her appointment to a position at DHS had been announced in the agency.

While the specific topics discussed in these secret virtual meetings remain unknown, Wyman has repeatedly down-played legitimate concerns about voter suppression while opposing federal legislation to expand voting rights and cybersecurity protections.

With the president of her party repeatedly attacking the integrity of elections conducted by mail, Washington voters deserve to know: why did Wyman and her staff attend secret, partisan meetings to spread false claims of voter fraud?

“Our state’s top elections official should not be participating in these deliberate, partisan attacks on the legitimacy of our elections,” said Rep. Gael Tarleton, a national security expert with thirty years of experience. “We can’t pretend this is a difference of opinion, and we can’t fact-check our way out of this. We must condemn this deception and the Republican leaders who advance it in order to protect our voters and our democracy.”



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