Wyman Must Take a Stand: Defend Washington State Voters or the President?

SEATTLE, WA – State Representative Gael Tarleton, D-Seattle, released a statement in response to Secretary of State Kim Wyman’s failure to condemn President Trump’s repeated attacks on vote-by-mail that claim it is his “biggest risk” to reelection: 

“Let me be clear: the job of the Secretary of State is to defend our elections from all threats, foreign and domestic. Donald Trump’s comments undermine confidence in our state’s elections.  In the face of this threat, silence is complicity. Secretary Wyman, where do you stand—with the people of Washington state, or the President? There is no other option.”

A national security and defense intelligence expert, Rep. Tarleton added, “In the world of military strategy and nuclear deterrence, failing to respond to an attack only emboldens further strikes. Secretary Wyman must take a stand.”

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