With the USPS under attack, Washington state needs someone ready to protect our elections, not just someone ‘concerned’

Seattle, WA—Because of Donald Trump’s effort to destroy vote-by-mail before the November election, Washington elections officials may have to pay up to six times more to deliver ballots on time. Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman has repeatedly said that it’s not her job to stand up to President Trump.

“The GOP has launched an assault on voting rights in Washington and across the country,” said Rep. Tarleton (D-Seattle). “Kim Wyman, our state’s top Republican, can’t just sit on the sidelines while her party launches an un-democratic and un-American attempt to steal the election.”

Wyman says she is “concern[ed]” by the President’s “consternation” around vote by mail.  With record voter turnout expected this fall, we better be more than “concerned” about USPS disruptions. We need to be ready. Wyman has proven incapable of rising to the challenge: when she faced unexpected challenges to elections due to Covid-19, Wyman’s first instinct was to cancel the April elections.

“Whether it’s adding more dropboxes, adjusting deadlines for local auditors, funding overtime for election workers, or all of the above, Washington state must develop emergency plans for how we administer elections if USPS service is compromised,” said Rep. Tarleton.

Last term, Rep. Tarleton sponsored landmark election funding legislation that requires the state to reimburse counties for election-related expenses in even-numbered years. Thanks to this legislation, counties will have additional resources to deal with unexpected expenses, such as responding to emergencies to protect our elections.

A national security expert with over thirty years of experience, Rep. Tarleton has previously briefed the Joint Chiefs of Staff on disaster preparedness and emergency response plans. At the University of Washington, she managed global partnerships and developed funding for national security and disaster management.


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