Today the Seattle Times Editorial Board endorsed me for another term. Those who run for public office have many groups that make endorsements. But our local newspaper editorial boards play a crucial role in campaign season: they help educate the public about the people, the policies, and the politics of our time. Everything said in the interview is on the record and taped. Whether we agree or not with who gets the endorsement, what we know is this: the Ed Boards know what promises we make. For us incumbents, Ed Boards are judging us on whether we do what we promise to do. They also ask incumbents “why are you running for re-election?” We can’t just run on past performance. We must run to build the future.


The Times recommends: Gael Tarleton for Legislative District 36, House Position 2



” Gael Tarleton is particularly well suited to the 36th Legislative District, where the Ballard Democrat has served in the state House since 2012.

Voters in the district should elect Tarleton to a fourth term in House Position 2.

A former Port of Seattle commissioner and Pentagon intelligence analyst specializing in port security, Tarleton is a strong, pragmatic advocate for the maritime industry concentrated in her district. She’s also shown leadership on expanding higher-education and vocational programs, areas that will be receiving more attention in the Legislature now that K-12 reforms are being implemented….


The 36th District and the state will be best served if voters elect Tarleton to another term.”


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