Tarleton Statement on Wyman’s Refusal to Recognize and Combat Voter Suppression

In response to Secretary of State Kim Wyman’s recent remarks alleging that opposing voter suppression is just Democrats’ “explanations for why they aren’t going to be elected” and dismissing efforts to protect voter access as partisan politics, State Rep. Gael Tarleton (D-Seattle) issued the following statement:

“Wyman is fueling the fire of a false Republican narrative—which argues that opposing voter suppression is driven by partisan goals rather than a fundamental desire to protect our most cherished democratic right,” said Rep. Tarleton.

“Our state’s top elections official must be able to distinguish Trump’s baseless attacks on vote-by-mail from the real barriers that voters face in exercising their constitutional rights. In a year when we’ve already seen thousands of Americans forced to choose between their right to vote and their safety, Wyman’s refusal to acknowledge the reality of voter suppression shows a failure to lead when our rights are at risk.”

During the interview, Wyman also referred to Democratic attempts to stop voter suppression as an “attack point” on democracy.

Wyman has repeatedly refused to support voting rights and opposed measures to expand voting access in Washington and across the country:

  • She opposed same-day voter registration.
  • She opposed the pre-registration of 16- and 17- year olds.
  • She opposed the Washington Voting Rights Act.
  • She opposed H.R. 1, federal legislation that would have expanded voting access and election funding across the country.


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