Tarleton says Republicans like Wyman must condemn Trump’s attacks on vote by mail

SEATTLE – State Rep. Gael Tarleton, Democratic candidate for Secretary of State, today condemned President Trump’s attacks on vote by mail.

Tarleton (D-Seattle), a former national security expert for the U.S. Defense Department, called on Washington’s Republican Secretary of State Kim Wyman and her Republican colleagues to condemn Trump and Republican efforts to disenfranchise voters in Wisconsin and across the country.

“Silence is compliance. Wyman and her fellow Republicans must stand up to this reckless President,” Tarleton said. “Republicans have looked the other way on Trump’s foreign election interference. They cannot continue to ignore attacks on our democracy. Republicans must stand up for American voters, not a wannabe dictator.”

Washington is one of five states with vote-by-mail elections. Trump attacked vote by mail in a tweet this morning, falsely stating that the process is fraudulent, though he votes by mail himself. Trump added the real reason for his opposition, saying that vote-by-mail and greater voter participation hurts Republicans.

Tarleton said Wyman has failed as Secretary of State to champion vote by mail nationally or condemn Republican Party initiatives to disenfranchise voters and attacks on vote by mail. “If Wisconsin had done its job on absentee ballots or had a vote-by-mail system in place, Wisconsin voters would have never been put at risk,” she said.

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