Dear Friends:

I’ve been talking to voters in the 36th District for seven months. We have just a couple of weeks to get the votes we need to win. If I’m going to be your champion in Olympia, I need you to be my champion in the critical days ahead. We cannot afford to take any vote for granted.

Please contribute $36 today! Or $108! Or $360!

Your voice, your vote, your phone call, your doorbelling and your contribution will help me get our message to the voters and together we will win! Sign up to volunteer and donate here!

We have raised more than $125,000 in this campaign. We won the primary against six other candidates without going into debt. It’s a huge testament to your support. But we have more work to do. My opponent is bringing in outside special interest groups to knock on doors and fund opposition mailers to beat us.

For more than 30 years I’ve been bringing people together to get things done. This is a record of proven and tested performance that my opponent can’t match. I’ve lived in this district with my husband Bob for 18 years. Together, Bob and I have worked hard as homeowners. We know how this tough economy has touched us all. I’ve served King County taxpayers for more than four years as your Port Commissioner. I have crossed continents to help people improve their quality of life, working for years in the private sector and in local, state and the federal governments.

My opponent has repeatedly acknowledged on the campaign trail that she is a progressive with ideals, but without ideas. When pressed for details about her vision for the future, she admits she’s frustrated about the status quo but has no answers to change the future. She is a self-described campaign organizer without a real plan for taxpayers. Ever since coming in second in the primary, my opponent has used negative grandstanding and fist-pumping rhetoric to energize her campaign.

The 36th District is home to savvy voters who want proven commitment and results. Their jobs, homes, kids’ education, health care and quality of life may depend on it. This is why I’ve been knocking on doors and talking to voters. It’s why I won the primary. I listen. I work. I respond. I solve problems.

I’ve helped create more than 7,000 jobs in this region during our Great Recession as families faced the prospect of losing their homes, jobs, savings, retirement and quality of life. I did this by navigating unforgiving budgets and unforeseen circumstances while still fighting for strong labor agreements, critical infrastructure projects and holding government accountable to taxpayers.

It’s time to make a choice in this race that works for ALL of us.
I would be honored to earn your vote. Together, we will get it done.

Best wishes,

Gael Tarleton
Candidate for the State Representative
36th Legislative District, Pos. 2.